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 14/10/2008 WSpecEm v1.4b - Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator
  This is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator.
Emulates 48K Spectrum with Kempston/Sinclair joystick.
Loads from .SNA, .SNX, .Z80, .SIT, .SP, .RAW, .PRG, .ACH, .SLT (and LLT) snapshot files and from .TAP tape images.
Saves to all the snap formats listed above apart from .SLT, but not to tape files.

(it crashes on my notebook but other users think it's a very good program!)
AUTHOR: Rui F. Ribeiro
CODE: 00000123

 18/07/2008 DASMx 1.30 A microprocessor disassembler - a disassembler for a range of common 8-bit micro
  DASMx is a disassembler for a range of common 8-bit microprocessors. The following main processor families are supported: - Motorola 6800 family and single chip variants (including Hitachi 630X devices); - Motorola 6809; - MOS Technology 6502 and Rockwell 65C0X; - Zilog Z80; - Sharp LR35902 (single chip Z80 variant as used in the Nintendo GameBoy); - Intel MCS-80/85TM family (i.e. 8080 and 8085); - Intel MCS-48TM family (i.e. 8048 et al); - Intel MCS-51TM family (i.e. 8051 et al); - Signetics 2650.
AUTHOR: Conquest Consultants
CODE: 00000117
VISITED: 11422

 24/06/2008 Assembler Edit 8086 2.2 - A small assembler text editor
  A very simple editor for assembler language.
It has helper functions to quickly write 13 different types of procedures (ints), add procedures to the source and create memory buffers.
It's only 250KB size.
AUTHOR: Pseudo Solutions, Daniel Backstrom
CODE: 00000115
VISITED: 12893

 24/06/2008 EmPowered Programmer v1.5 - An IDE for Windows Asm programming
  An IDE for writing assembler programs under Windows.
It supports Compiling and running the programs in Debug mode with Breakpoints.
It also gives you helper function for inserting typical blocks of code.
A bunch of Windows-Asm source code programs are bundled.
Requires installation.
AUTHOR: Vinaeus
CODE: 00000116

 28/05/2008 Flambeaux Software's TECH Help - A desktop assembler utility program
  A small old DOS program which can be very usefull as an ASM reference.
It contains tables about DOS functions, DOS interrupts and Error Codes, INT & BIOS Services, BIOS Data Area, IRQs, I/O Port map and many other pages of data.
The tables are also indexed by Topics, Data Structures, Service.
AUTHOR: Dan Rollins / Flambeaux
CODE: 00000112
VISITED: 10598

 08/04/2008 PARC.COM Disk Parking Utility - A HDD parking utility with C sources
  PARC allows you to specify the number of hard drives to park, and the cylinder number at which to park each drive.
The source code to PARK is provided in the file PARK.C, and may be re-compiled using my MICRO-C compiler (See enclosed CATALOG file). It MUST be complied in TINY model, which allows it to easily write out an updated copy of itself (See '-s' option).
AUTHOR: Dave Dunfield
CODE: 00000102

 08/04/2008 A86 assembler and D86 debugger, V4.04 - Complete assembly-language compiler for Intel-x86
  This package is a complete assembly-language compiler for Intel-x86 and compatible computers, running under a Microsoft or Microsoft-compatible operating system, together with a complete manual.
V4.04 is the official release of A386 and D386, with a new release of A86 and D86 with the same version number.
AUTHOR: Eric Isaacson
CODE: 00000103
VISITED: 20823

 03/04/2008 gsar 1.12 - General Search And Replace CLI Utility
  An MS-DOS CLI utility for searching for and, optionally, replacing strings in both text and binary files. The search and replace strings can contain all kinds of characters (0--255), i.e. Ctrl characters and extended ASCII as well. The algorithm used is a variation of the Boyer-Moore search algorithm, modified to search binary files. As a result of this, gsar is blindingly fast.
AUTHOR: Tormod Tjaberg, Hans Peter Verne
CODE: 00000101

 26/03/2008 BYTE Small C 8088 Compiler (C to ASM) - It compiles C to Assembly source code
  SMC compiles C to Assembly source code.
You should find on this disk (or, in this archive) all the files you need to get started with BYTE Small-C. Of course, I'm presuming that you have a copy of MASM and LINK around, since BYTE Small-C emits assembly-language source. (I don't know whether or not the output is CHASM-compatible, and I'm CERTAIN it's not Optasm-compatible. However, a little work with the conditional branches in the CC4.C files should fix that).

Try compiling a C source :

LINK ABS (and when the linker asks for .LIB files, give it CLIB.LIB)

AUTHOR: BYTE / Rick Grehan
CODE: 00000100

 21/03/2008 CpEmulator - A CP/M Emulator which runs in MS-DOS
  CPeMulator is a program written for the 8086 or 8088 microprocessor, running the MS-DOS operating system. The input "data" to this program is a file containing a CP/M-80 program (".CPM file", some are included).

To use the emulator unpack the zip file in a directory. After go in DOS and un-arc all the files with .arc extension :

C:\test>un-arc clean.arc
(and so on for all ARC archives)

To run a cpm program at dos prompt use the run80 program :

run80 clean.cpm
AUTHOR: Michael Day
CODE: 00000099

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