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just an assembly arrow 24/06/2010 Bootable CD-ROM Format Specification - Bootable CD and int 13 BIOS extensions
  This 17 page doc file explains how a bootable CD works. It shows BIOS int 13 extensions and how ISO 9660 standard is maintained.
AUTHOR: Phoenix Technologies / IBM
CODE: 00000256
VISITED: 13254

just an assembly arrow 21/06/2010 Virtual DMA Services (VDS) - Programming the DMA with error handling
  A brief document about DMA programming. The text explains the coding using pseudo language and shows how to lock/unlock regions, copy in/out of the buffer, checking boundaries, handling errors.
AUTHOR: unknown
CODE: 00000255

just an assembly arrow 18/06/2010 CP/M Source Code written in PL/M - Historical source code of an operating system
AUTHOR: Gary Kildall
CODE: 00000254

just an assembly arrow 13/06/2010 Motorola Atari ST Assembly Guide - A textual guide of Motorola programming
  A guide on Motorola Assembly language based on Atari ST computers. It's split in different chapter covering many arguments.
AUTHOR: Pieter van der Meer
CODE: 00000251

just an assembly arrow 13/06/2010 Zed3D programming guide - A compact reference for 3d computer graphics
  A guide about 3d graphic programming which explains many arguments from a mathematical and programming point of view. The guide is 105 pages.
AUTHOR: Sébastien Loisel
CODE: 00000252

just an assembly arrow 15/05/2010 Keyboard Management Library - An x86 source code for keyboard handling
  A BIOS-like level handling for the keyboard. This x86 library offers a set of functions to handle the keyboard including extended codes. It must be assembled using Eric Isaacson's A86 assembler (not with TASM or MASM).
AUTHOR: Sean Werkema
CODE: 00000248

just an assembly arrow 09/05/2010 TIMING CODE MODULE (80x86 specific code) - Setting pc timer 8259 - Commented source code
  Ok, here is some code I wrote a while ago, and touched up a little recently as someone else needed it. As you may have noticed by the line count, it is VERY wordy...hopefully some of it is useful. This code sets channel 0 of 8259 and returns a time value in units of 838 nanoseconds, and I have found it quite useful. Even though the examples I provide are for fixed frame-rate games, I have used this in a crude ray-casting (yuk) demo I wrote a while back which will run as fast as your CPU (or monitor/video) will allow. Lemme know if you create something cool with it! Ethan --
AUTHOR: Ethan Rohrer
CODE: 00000246

just an assembly arrow 06/05/2010 CPUID3 an Intel CPU detection program - Interesting src code for detecting different Cpus
  A very interesting assembly code that shows how to distinguish different CPU versions including model and family. The asm source is well commented.
AUTHOR: Intel Corporation
CODE: 00000245

just an assembly arrow 04/05/2010 Fastclock source code C / Asm - Coding on 8259 timer for high precision clock
  a very short and efficient code written in C with inline x86 Assembly for handling a fast timer. It sets the 8259 timer to count at a higher precision rate respect to the usual 18.2 ticks per second.
AUTHOR: unknown
CODE: 00000244

just an assembly arrow 02/05/2010 Tetris simple arcade - Tetris source code in x86 assembly only 2K
  An assembly version of Tetris. The source code is divided in tre ASM files and the compiled versione is only 2K size.
AUTHOR: Tore Bastiansen
CODE: 00000243
VISITED: 13401

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