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just an assembly arrow 08/08/2010 Yet Another Enhanced IDE/Fast-ATA/ATA-2 FAQ - IDE ATA tecnical faq: DMA PIO SMART and all
  A guide about ATA/Fast ATA devices which explains various technical aspects:

- ATA: harddisks
- How does ATA(-2) work?
- What are PIO modes?
- What are DMA modes?
- How are the ATA(-2,PI) I/O ports assigned?
- What does an ATA-2 interface do?
- What is Block mode?
- What is LBA?
- How does security work?
- What is S.M.A.R.T.?
- What is PRML?
- What are MR heads?
- ATAPI: CD-ROMs and tapes
- How does ATAPI differ from, and coexist with, ATA(-2)?
- What's so special about the secondary port?
- The EBIOS: translation
- Why translation?
- How does translation work?
- I'd like to know how translation works in detail
- What is in the Enhanced Disk Parameter Table?
- How many types of translating/Enhanced BIOSes are there?
- Software details
- Details on OnTrack Disk Manager
- How does Windows' 32-bit disk access work?

AUTHOR: Peter den Haan
CODE: 00000265

just an assembly arrow 08/08/2010 Directory Treeview x86 assembly source - A commented example of directory tree view
  A short commented asm source code which retrieves the directory tree of a device.
AUTHOR: Swift-Ware
CODE: 00000267

just an assembly arrow 06/08/2010 GASM Open source Assembler - LInux and Windows 16 and 32 bit assembler
  An open source x86 16 bit and 32 bit assembler, nasm compatible. The author can be contacted at
AUTHOR: Gareth Owen
CODE: 00000264
VISITED: 14983

just an assembly arrow 25/07/2010 Pentium Code Optimization using U-pipe V-pipe - A cross reference by instructions
  A reference that explains how to get better performance writing assembly code thanks to optimized Pentium architecture. Shows instructions which can take advantage of pipelining via U-pipe and V-pipe parallel execution to save cycles.
AUTHOR: Quantasm
CODE: 00000262

just an assembly arrow 25/07/2010 FPU timing - 8087-Pentium coprocessor timing and pairing
  A reference which shows execution timing for all coprocessor (8087-Pentium FPU) instruction. It also show when instruction pairing can be used to optimize execution speed.
AUTHOR: Quantasm
CODE: 00000263

just an assembly arrow 17/07/2010 System V Application Binary Interface - AMD 64 bit programming
  A PDF guide on System V assembly programming for AMD 64 bit processors.
AUTHOR: various
CODE: 00000261

just an assembly arrow 11/07/2010 Simply FPU - A guide on coprocessor programming - 13 chapters on x86 FPU unit
  A manual in CHM format which explains x86 FPU programming starting from the basics and with commented code and instructions details.
AUTHOR: Raymond Filiatreault
CODE: 00000258

just an assembly arrow 11/07/2010 FPULIB - a library for coprocessor programming - A set of asm files for handling math operations
  A handy set of functions for math coprocessor programming. These FPU functions make life easier for complex operations. The 37 functions are completed with a CHM guide and a testing executable.
AUTHOR: Raymond Filiatreault
CODE: 00000259

just an assembly arrow 11/07/2010 x86-64 Machine Level Programming - A manual about common 64 bit issues
  46 Page PDF about issues in 64 bit programming. It starts with an introduction on the x86 platform evolution. From a coding point of view it's very interesting because it shows how a C source program is compiled with gcc into 32 and 64 bit code.
The author says: "This document serves as a supplement to Chapter 3 of Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective".
AUTHOR: Randal E. Bryant / David R. O’Hallaron
CODE: 00000260

just an assembly arrow 29/06/2010 Soundblaster Programming Information v0.90 - All the functions, a full reference for programmer
  A complete reference about Soundblaster programming. It contains the list of register settings, status ports, data ports, DAC settings, including functions to handle joystick and microphone.
AUTHOR: André Baresel / Craig Jackson
CODE: 00000257

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