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23/01/2009 Featured Article: How to remove Buzus Virus (permalink)

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just an assembly arrow 04/04/2009 Applied Binary Code Obfuscation - Obfuscation in assembler
  Obfuscation is a technique very used for protecting code from prying eyes. It can be a simple XORing of the bytes or a more difficult scrambled and modified rappresentation of the original binary.
AUTHOR: N.George, G.Charalambous
CODE: 00000153

just an assembly arrow 04/04/2009 How to optimize code on a 386/486/Pentium - Intel Assembler Code Optimization and Pipelining
  How to optimize code on a 386/486/Pentium
Michael Kunstelj
AUTHOR: Michael Kunstelj
CODE: 00000154

just an assembly arrow 03/04/2009 Reverse engineering: Anti-cracking Techniques - How to protect your code in 24 pages
  Reverse engineering: Anti-cracking Techniques
N.George, G.Charalambous

AUTHOR: N.George, G.Charalambous
CODE: 00000152
VISITED: 12670

just an assembly arrow 30/03/2009 Windows Anti-Debug Reference - Several anti-debugging techniques used on Windows
  Windows Anti-Debug Reference
Author Nicolas Falliere
AUTHOR: Nicolas Falliere
CODE: 00000150

just an assembly arrow 30/03/2009 Writing Self-Modifying Code - Utilizing Advanced Assembly techniques
  Creating Alpha-Numeric shellcode

AUTHOR: Russell Sanford
CODE: 00000151

just an assembly arrow 18/03/2009 Hamarsoft's 86BUGS list - Undocumented/buggy instructions of x86 processors
  The 86BUGS list, distributed with Ralf Brown's Interrupt list, is maintained and provided to you by Hamarsoft, the maker of the HAP & PAH datacompression program. Latest version of HAP & PAH is 3.14e.

AUTHOR: Harald Feldmann
CODE: 00000148

just an assembly arrow 18/03/2009 The PC GAMES PROGRAMMERS ENCYCLOPEDIA 1.0 - A collection of 85 asm programming documents
  Brian 'Neuromancer' Marshall collected a load of documents for assembler programming.

AUTHOR: various
CODE: 00000149
VISITED: 13463

just an assembly arrow 07/03/2009 Timing on the PC family (rel.3) - Over 290 pages on programming 8253/8254
  Timing on the PC

This archive contains a technical document useful to PC programmers, with many sample programs. The document covers timing and related subjects on the IBM PC family under DOS. Subjects include BIOS and DOS functions, the BIOS tick count, hardware interrupts, timer tick interrupts, Port B, the 8253/8254 timer, speeding up the timer tick, dynamic tick periods, simulated vertical retrace interrupt, double and triple buffering, absolute timestamping, the RTC, other timing methods, reading the joystick, PWM sound generation.
Freeware. 13400 lines.

AUTHOR: Kris Heidenstrom
CODE: 00000144

just an assembly arrow 01/03/2009 MD5 To Be Considered Harmful Someday - A somehow profetical document by guru Kaminsky
  Joux and Wang’s multicollision attack has yielded collisions for several one-way hash algorithms. Of these, MD5 is the most problematic due to its heavy deployment, but there exists a perception that the flaws identified have no applied implications.

We show that the appendability of Merkle-Damgard allows us to add any payload to the proof-of-concept hashes released by Wang et al. We then demonstrate a tool, Stripwire, that uses this capability to create two files – one which executes an arbitrary sequence of commands, the other which hides those commands with the strength of AES – both with the same MD5 hash.

We show how this affects file-oriented system auditors such as Tripwire, but point out that the failure is nowhere near as catastrophic as it appears at first glance. We examine how this failure affects HMAC and Digital Signatures within Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems, and how the full attack expands into an unusual pseudosteganographic strikeback methodology against peer
AUTHOR: Dan Kaminsky
CODE: 00000141

just an assembly arrow 01/03/2009 CLASSICAL CRYPTOGRAPHY COURSE - Course in 24 lesson
  Cryptography is the science of writing messages that no one except the intended receiver can read. Cryptanalysis is the science of reading them anyway. "Crypto" comes from the Greek 'krypte' meaning hidden or vault and "Graphy" comes from the Greek 'grafik' meaning writing. The words, characters or letters of the original intelligible message constitute the Plain Text (PT). The words, characters or letters of the secret form of the message are called Cipher Text (CT) and together constitute a Cryptogram.
CODE: 00000142

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