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just an assembly arrow 06/04/2016 Tips on Saving Bytes in ASM Programs - Tricks on How to write compact code
  A good intro on how to write optimized assembly code, shows different tricks to make your program more compact.

1. Avoid uninitialized data
2. Put related data together
3. Avoid forward references
4. Use cheap opcodes
4.1 XCHG AX,Reg16
4.3 JCXZ
4.4 INC Reg16 and DEC Reg16
5. Be flexible on flow control
5.1 Discard return addresses that won't be needed
5.2 Reuse exit cod
5.3. Consider CALL instead of JMP
5.4 Short jumps are cheaper than near jumps
6. Registers are cheaper than constants
7. Code can be used as data
8. Miscellaneous byte-savers

AUTHOR: Larry Hammick
CODE: 00000291

just an assembly arrow 05/06/2015 x86 ASM Programming for Linux - Intro to assembly programming on Linux using NASM
  A breif introduction to assembly programming under Linux using NASM assembler. It shows these topics: compiling and linking, basic coding, C calling syntax, I/O port programming, interrupts.
AUTHOR: mammon_
CODE: 00000290

just an assembly arrow 12/03/2015 8080/8085 Assembly Language Programming - Assembly Language Programming Manual
  A 224 page manual from Intel written in 1977 for assembly programming on both Intel 8080 and 8085 CPUs.
AUTHOR: Intel Corporation
CODE: 00000289
VISITED: 10105

just an assembly arrow 06/04/2014 Playstation Architecture, hardware and coding - A document about Playstation 1 full of tech inf
  A 105 page guide on Playstation. Contains information about hardware architecture, memory handling, graphics processing, sound device, media reader, I/O ports and much more. Although it's an old guide about the first version of Playstation it's, in any case, an interesting piece of documentation showing processor and coprocessor commands for the R3000 CPU.
AUTHOR: Joshua Walker
CODE: 00000288

just an assembly arrow 19/06/2013 Extending DOS Executables - How to modify a Windows executable relocating code
  A well made doc about modifying executable (EXE) files on Windows, relocating code.
It's basically the same technique used by viruses.
The guide explains how to modify the code inserting new one into .com first and then shows the same procedure for .exe files.
AUTHOR: Digital Alchemist
CODE: 00000287
VISITED: 12308

just an assembly arrow 25/09/2012 WD65C816 Opcode Reference - Opcode reference guide for 65816 Microprocessor
  This reference contains the opcodes for the 16-bit 65C816 processor firstly produced by WDC.
AUTHOR: Eric D. Shepherd
CODE: 00000285
VISITED: 15199

just an assembly arrow 25/09/2012 x86 chksum.asm source code - 8 bit Checksum (CRC) Calculation Utility/Sample
  This simple x86 assembly source code program shows how to calculate an 8-bit CRC checksum on a file (FAT filesystem). The algorithm is real simple and it's a good programming exercize for assembly programmers.
AUTHOR: Erdogan Tan
CODE: 00000286
VISITED: 11952

just an assembly arrow 24/09/2012 6502 Undocumented Opcodes - Hidden features for 6502 CPU assembly
  A list of undocumented opcodes for 6502 CPU family. Some of these features have been added in 65C02 and successive versions of the chip.
AUTHOR: Freddy Offenga
CODE: 00000284
VISITED: 10285

just an assembly arrow 20/06/2012 8085 TRS 80 Model 100 Assembly Programming - Brief guide on 8085 architecture and programming
  8085 TRS 80 Model 100 Assembly Programming
A two chapter 80C85 Assembler Guide with two example asm source code programs.
This guide uses TRS Model 80 as an 8085 host and, after a brief intro on assembly, explains the architecture and the basic instructions.

The index of the guide:

0. Preface.
1. Switching Gears from Basic to Assembly Language.
2. How to Use This Tutorial.
3. What an Assembler Does.
4. The 80C85 and Number Systems.
5. The 80C85 Architecture.
6. The MoVe Immediate (MVI) Instructions.
7. The MOVe (MOV) Instruction.
8. Moving Data to and from Memory.
9. Subroutines and a Simple Program.
10. Sneak Preview.
11. Using Labels.

PROGRAM 1. Print seconds to screen.
PROGRAM 2. Print seconds to screen (using labels).

TABLE 1. Number Systems

AUTHOR: Mike Berro - BCS Software
CODE: 00000282
VISITED: 18243

just an assembly arrow 20/06/2012 LinuxBIOS 2.0 UEFI Compliant BIOS - An open source replacement for PC BIOS
  A free replacement for commercial BIOS on computers. It's compliant to many standards and can boot from many devices and operating systems.
AUTHOR: various
CODE: 00000283
VISITED: 21362

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