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PS2 Mouse Driver source code

A Mouse Driver Asm source code

(by d.sicilia)

The source code of a PS2 Mouse Driver written in x86 asm.
This article is online from 4199 days and has been seen 14825 times

DPSMouseDrv PS/2 Mouse driver version 0.9

Read this before installing it:

This is meant as a small substitute to the Microsoft Mouse
driver. But, it's mostly for educational purposes. It has mostly
all of the key functions(standard int 33h) that most applications

How to run it:

Make sure your in dos(not windows). Although this will work
with memory managers in dos and for protected mode dos apps,
it will not work in windows. Also make sure that there are
no other drivers installed(like microsoft's). It is a TSR that
cannot be unloaded.

But, here are some things that it's missing(shouldn't be a problem

1. The absolute cursor position functions are supported for 80x25
text mode only. Higher resolution text modes should use the
mouse delta technique.
2. Does not provide a cursor for graphics modes(like 13h).
Just text mode cursor is provided.
3. Doesn't have the statistic functions(like # of times
left button pressed).
4. You can't change the character that is displayed for the
cursor. It is always a block.

Known bugs to be corrected:

1. Programs that install custom mouse event handlers that do not
restore the old handler on exit might cause a crash.
2. Mouse cursor is not hidden automatically on exit of a program.

If you find any bugs or if it doesn't work on your computer, send me an
e-mail at

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