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23/01/2009 Featured Article: How to remove Buzus Virus (permalink)

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Binary Protection Schemes

Code Protection under Linux

(by andrew griffiths)

A guide on code protection and obfuscation under Linux.

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Binary protection schemes
by Andrew Griffiths
Andrew Griffiths Binary protection schemes, revision 1.0-prerelease- 0.7 1 / 98
.Table of Contents
.Software that may be of interest
.Free/Open software
.Commercial software
.Skill honing
.Designing protection systems by counter- example
.Why counter- example?
.Warming up
.Changing the flow of execution
.Patching the program on- disk file and process memory
.Keeping it all in plain sight
.Turning a program against itself
.Methods for implementing license schemes
.Complex number of checks
.Server contact
.Encrypted functions / data
.Binary modifications
.Obfuscation of the text segment
.Loading executables in user- space
.Tying binaries to a host
.Per page encryption
.Per function encryption
.Conditional code obfuscation
.Running line
.What is obfuscation?
.Source level
.Assembly level
.Anti-analysis techniques
.Run- time analysis
.Static analysis
.Indirect code flow change
.Andrew Griffiths Binary protection schemes, revision 1 0-
.Inserting bytes in- between instructions
.Use the same bytes for multiple instructions
.Dynamic content
.Applicable to both
.Opaque conditionals
.Build code on the stack to execute
.Modifying the ELF headers
.Running line
.Embedded languages
.Anti-dumping techniques
.General things for consideration
.Key / data storage
.Virtual CPU
.Generating the key from the environment
.Storing / Getting the keys inside the binary
.Crypto usage
.Things to be wary of
.Personalising a copy to them
.Proof of ownership
.Storing the watermark
.General notes
.The future / closing thoughts
.Feedback and thanks
.A brief overview on ELF
.What is ELF?
.A quick breakdown of ELF
.Executable Header
.Program Headers
.Section Headers
.Mammon's gdbinit file display
.Andrew Griffiths Binary protection schemes, revision 1 0-prerelease- 0 7 3 / 98

*** download file for full text ***

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