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A collection of 85 asm programming documents

(by various)

Brian 'Neuromancer' Marshall collected a load of documents for assembler programming.

This article is online from 3869 days and has been seen 14063 times


Well, here it is! This is the first edition of the PC Games Programmers
Encyclopedia. The PC-GPE as it currently stands is a collection of text
files, each covering a different aspect of programming games for the PC.
Some files were obtained from the net, others were grabbed off Usenet, quite
a few were written for the PC-GPE.

Every effort has been made to contact the original authors of all public
domain articles obtained via ftp. In some cases the original authors were
not able to be contacted. Seeing as these files were already available to the
public the liberty was taken to include them anyway. The files were not
modified in any way. There is a list at the end of this document showing
which files we couldn't contact the authors about. Please note that files
were *not* written exclusively for the PC-GPE unless stated otherwise.

The information in the PC-GPE is provided to you free of charge. The authors
of each article have included their own conditions of use, eg some ask that
you give them credit if you use their source code. As a general rule of
thumb, an e-mail or postcard to an author telling them you found their file
helpful probably wouldn't go astray.....

This first version of the PC-GPE is very hardware oriented. We hope to
include more actual game algorithms in future releases. If you would like to
see a particular topic included in the next PC-GPE release or if you think
you could contribute an article then by all means let us know (btw plugs for
personal projects in articles are accepted). The editor's e-mail address is
at the end of this file.

The following is a list of all the PCGPE 1.0 files:

File Description

PCGPE EXE * PC-GPE main exe file
RTM EXE * PC-GPE.EXE DPMI support file
DPMI16BI OVL * PC-GPE.EXE DPMI support file

README TXT * PC-GPE main info doc
FTPSITES TXT List of FTP sites for game development programs/utils

ASMINTRO TXT * VLA's assembly tutorial intro file
ASM0 TXT * VLA's assembly tutorial
ASM1 TXT * VLA's assembly tutorial
ASM2 TXT * VLA's assembly tutorial
ASM3 TXT * VLA's assembly tutorial
ANSI TXT * VLA's assembly tutorial support file

INTEL DOC List of op codes plus timing info up to 486
CPUTYPE TXT * Testing CPU type
TIMER ASM * Testing CPU speed

TUT1 TXT * Asphixia's VGA Primer - Mode 13h
TUT2 TXT * Asphixia's VGA Primer - Palette/Fading
TUT3 TXT * Asphixia's VGA Primer - Lines/Circles
TUT4 TXT * Asphixia's VGA Primer - Virtual Screens
TUT5 TXT * Asphixia's VGA Primer - Scrolling
TUT6 TXT * Asphixia's VGA Primer - Look-up Tables
TUT7 TXT * Asphixia's VGA Primer - Animation
TUT8 TXT * Asphixia's VGA Primer - 3D/Optimisation
TUT9 TXT * Asphixia's VGA Primer - 3D Solids
TUT10 TXT * Asphixia's VGA Primer - Chain 4 mode
COPPER PAS * Asphixia's VGA Primer - Copper Effect
WORMIE PAS * Asphixia's VGA Primer - Worm Effect
PALLETTE COL * Asphixia's VGA Primer support file
SOFTROCK FNT * Asphixia's VGA Primer support file

MODEX TXT * Introduction to mode x
SCROLL TXT * VGA scrolling
VGAREGS TXT * VGA palette and register set
VGABIOS TXT VGA BIOS function call list

SVGINTRO TXT * SVGA - Intro to programming SVGA cards
VESASP12 TXT SVGA - The VESA standard
ATI TXT * SVGA - Programming the ATI chip set
CAT TXT * SVGA - Programming the Chips & Technologies chip set
GENOA TXT * SVGA - Programming the Genoa chip set
PARADISE TXT * SVGA - Programming the Paradise chip set
TRIDENT TXT * SVGA - Programming the Trident chip set
TSENG TXT * SVGA - Programming the Tseng chip set
VIDEO7 TXT * SVGA - Programming the Video7 chip set
XTENDED TXT * SVGA - 640x400x256 with no bank switching

3DROTATE DOC * VLA's three dimensional rotations for computer graphics
3DSHADE DOC * VLA's three dimensional shading in computer graphics
PERSPECT TXT * Perspective transforms
BRES TXT * Bresenham's line and circle algorithms
CONIC CC * A bresenham-like general conic sections algorithm
BSP TXT * A Simple Explanation of BSP Trees
TEXTURE TXT * Texture mapping
FDTM TXT * Real-time free direction texture mapping

STARS TXT * VLA's programming star fields
FIRE TXT * Programming fire effects

PCX TXT PCX graphics file format
BMP TXT BMP graphics file format
GIF TXT BMP graphics file format
IFF DOC IFF/LBM graphics file format
FLI FOR FLI/FLC graphics file format

SPEAKER TXT * Programming the PC speaker (inc 8-bit sample playback)
GAMEBLST TXT * Programming the GameBlaster sound card
ADLIB TXT Programming the Adlib sound card
SBDSP TXT * Programming the SoundBlaster sound card (DSP)
SBPRO TXT * Programming the SoundBlaster Pro sound card
GUSFAQ TXT * The GUS sound card's Frequently Asked Questions
GUS TXT * Programming the GUS sound card

MODFORM TXT * The MOD sound file format
VOC TXT The VOC sound file format
WAV TXT * The WAV sound file format
CMF TXT * The CMF sound file format
MIDI TXT * The MID sound file format
UT TXT The UltraTracker sound file format

SURROUND TXT Generating surround sound

MOUSE TXT * Programming the mouse, general info
GMOUSE DOC Mouse driver function call list
KEYBOARD TXT * Programming for the PC keyboard
JOYSTICK TXT * Programming for the PC joystick
GAMEPAD TXT * Programming for the Gravis GamePad and Analog Pro

LIMEMS41 DOC EMS (Expanded Memory Specification)
XMS30 TXT XMS (Extended Memory Specification)
DMA_VLA TXT * Intro to DMA

PIT TXT * Programming the Intel 8253 Programmable Interval Timer
DOOM TXT * DOOM techniques

An asterix (*) indicates files which were either written for the PC-GPE or
included with permission from the author.

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