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AMD64 Architecture Programmer"s Manual Volume 2

System Programming

(by amd)

The book is part of a 5 volume edition from AMD.
This volume (Volume 2) covers the following topics in 532 pages:
  • System Programming Overview
  • x86 and AMD64 Architecture Differences
  • System Resources
  • Segmented Virtual Memory
  • Page Translation and Protection
  • System Management Instructions
  • Memory System
  • Exceptions and Interrupts
  • Machine Check Machanism
  • System Management Mode
  • 128 bit, 64 bit and x87 Programming
  • Task Management
  • Debug and Performance Resources
  • Processor Initialization and Long Mode Activation
  • Secure Virtual Machine
  • Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller (APIC)
  • OS-Visible Workaround Information
  • Hardware P-State Control

This volume is intended for system-software developers—programmers that require access to system resource.
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The guide is ZIP compressed (24593.rar)

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